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Christina Li
Founder, Infinite Interactive

Christina is the founder of Infinite Interactive. A UX and Service design professional originally from China, but based in the UK for the last 13 years, Christina has an international perspective on the way that people use products and services.
Christina has worked for many of the world’s leading companies and organisations including Thomson Reuters, BBC, Orange and O2. She now works as a consultant through Infinite Interactive between Europe and China.
She was founder of uiGarden, a website showcasing the latest research in the area and linking the Western and Chinese user experience communities. The site contained articles from many of the world’s leading practitioners and researchers in these areas. In the recent years, Christina has been organizing the UX Tour of China, where she takes western design directors to China to visit leading Chinese technology companies, design consultancies as well as tech start-ups. The tour has achieved huge interest in the western countries.
Christina introduced Donald Norman’s user experience design book The Design of Future Things to the Chinese audience, facilitating both its publication and translation.
She has written many articles on user experience and service design and spoken at high-profile international events on these subjects.


Pop-up Experience Prototyping

2016-11-19 Saturday 09:00-12:00

Services design, experience design and other emerging design industry means that the final deliverables of the designers is no longer just confined interface. And user’s loyalty to a brand is no longer dependent on a single source such as interface design of the site. Service designers and user experience designers are increasingly focusing on unity and coherence in the experience from various channels. So how shall we test the design of non-traditional channels, such as the voice telephone service and the counter service? In this workshop, we will invite designers to explore testing method for experience design, and to experience the service we designed.
Participants will learn:
Learn how to quickly use different material to evaluate user experience, by utilizing methods from other art industries.  

Targeted Audience:
Designers who are interested in experience design and designers with rich imagination for experience design



Yaqiu Zhang
Interaction Designer, Alibaba
Yaqiu Zhang is the interactive design expert in Mobile Taobao Merchandising product line. Since 2009, she has been focusing on the interaction design on mobile. She is also in charge of the Taobao UED content sharing platform - Carbonated Drinks Meetings and the Thumb workshops. Before Alibaba, she has worked at Tencent social networking and open platform, presided over three out of the ten independent App. On the 2015 UCAN conference, she shared on "Data-driven De-sign".

2016-11-19 Saturday 15:00-18:00

From analyzing the Taobao Mobile Merchandising, we realized that we often experience a lack of awareness of the content in design. In this workshop. We will explore how to brainstorm effective content strategy using the design cases in Mobile Taobao Merchandising products and think about the design strategy for content generalization, organization, and data verification of user behaviors.

Participants will learn:
Hope this workshop will stimulate more thinking for you on the content design on mobile devices.

Targeted Audience:
Interaction designer and product manager who has got some experience with content-driven products







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