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Seniro User Researcher, Design Thinking Tutor,SAP China Research Institute

Xue Wang has 9 years’ experience in UX and has worked on different platforms and operation systems. She’s especially good at utilizing design thinking and organize cross-team user research, user interviews and usability testing. She’s very insightful and empathetic with the user needs and can always create products that are loved by users with her team. 


Create products loved by users, utilizing design thinking

2016-11-17 Thursday 09:00-12:00

Design thinking enable you to start from user needs and find creative solutions for all kinds of problem and thus create more possibilities. At the same time, it balances people’s need and behavior, and evaluate n the practicality of technology and business. 
Participants will learn:
Learn to use design thinking as a problem solving method and a way of thinking, therefore to create pleasant, usable and valuable products.

Targeted Audience:
Designers, user experience researchers, and product design managers, developers and all project-related personnel



Claire Yun
Associate Director, Creative Consulting, BMW Group Designworks
Claire Yun has been with BMW Group Designworks for close to 8 years in its Singapore and Shanghai studios. She specializes in design context research, trends and design strategy which facilitates innovation for external global companies as well as all brands under the BMW Group including BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, BMW i and Motorrad.
Claire was a founding member of the Designworks Shanghai Studio where she transforms inspirations and cultural insights into core design principles for advanced concept development.

2016-11-17 Thursday 15:00-18:00

Trend studies are most of the time inspiring and stimulating, but often do not address relevant implications for design, research and development. 
In this workshop we uncover the ways in which BMW Group Designworks, where future thinking is at the core, utilizes trend research as a strategic tool that set future visions for design directions. We will go through key case studies to take you through the process of combining market and consumer trends with a conceptual approach that translates insights into vivid future scenarios and design opportunities. 

Participants will learn:
How to use trend research as a strategic tool
Translating design research insights into future opportunities
Holistic and systems thinking 

Targeted Audience:
Mid to senior level Designers, Researchers, Strategists, Design managers, Experience Designers, Interaction Designers







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