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UEstablished in 2004, UPA China is the first non-profit UX organization in mainland China. In 2012, it was formally renamed as UXPA China. UXPA is dedicated to promoting UX as a profession in China and forging a solid platform for UX-related professionals to exchange ideas and learn, and with years of efforts, has become the most influential UX organization in China. UXPA Projects.

Yvonne Liu Yvonne.liu@uxpachina.org or sponsor@uxpachina.org

1.  Annual international UX conference (User Friendly) www.userfriendly.org.cn

2.  Design award open to institutions of higher education in China www.uxdaward.org

3.  An annual survey report of UX profession

4.  A profession symposium

If you are interested in the following UXPA China annual projects and sponsorship, welcome to contact us. Welcome to contact us.

400 026 8859


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